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I started at 300mg so I am not really sure what the starting dose is. 150mg is the same dosage they use in Zyban. The part that is jumping out about me is that Wellbutrin is usually not prescribed to some one with a seizure background as it is a side effect mind you it is a rare one but it is something to keep in mind. Wellbutrin is probably a moderate antidepressant for the most part and it seems to be used a lot as an enhancer to other meds, I started it to boost the effect of Effexor. Wellbutrin is probably one of the easiest meds to tolerate and the side effects are low compared to other AD for most people. The big thing is that the generic and brand name have differences in the formula so they are really not the same med, my doctor wouldn't let me go near the generic version so the mental hospital supplied me with the brand name version. Wellbutrin can cause an increase in anxiety right off the bat but should tame down after a while. I just checked an internet page about Zyban and again they brought up that the active ingredient in both Wellbutrin and Zyban is bupropion which can cause seizures in 1 in 1000 people but this increases pretty quickly if you have a seizure history. If I were you I would call a local pharmacist and see what they think when it comes to seizures and this med just to be on the safe side.

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Bupropion HCl ER Tablets is Wellbutrin's generic and has been available for over a year, the exact date was December 15, 2006 approved by the FDA, manufactured by Anchen Pharmaceuticals of California. This is the XL version.