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I'm 18 years old and After much battle with my gyno, we have finally decided it is NOT more hormones making me crazy. After loosing 2 grandparents, working full time, and going to school full time they have decided I'm depressed/have anxiety. So my Doctor allowed me to have the generic Bupropion SR150mg twice a day. I took my sfirst pill with a droxiral( a sinus pill) and i notcied SEVERE drowsiness. I'm thinking together they made me drowsy, so my question (finally) is are there any sinus pills that anyone knows of that would give me drowsiness? And does anyone have a Positive expirence with Bupropion SR? I've noticed most of the bad expierences have happened with people switching from Wellbutrin to the Generic, So if it is formulated a little different the adjustment could defintly affect them.
I also have a quick question about nasal decongestants. I'm having a really tough time with congestion and I was wondering if anyone knew of a decongestant that wouldn't interact with my Bupropion SR??