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That's bizarre that he finds Efexor to be ineffective. When I search the science literature, the science is weak for SSRI therapy and migraine whereas Efexor comes out strongly and with any easy side effect profile (see references below). I could find no studies where Sertraline (zoloft) was tested for migraine prophylaxis.

This was from a recent series called the Audio Digest Foundation where pros in the field report the latest in something medical. This was a blurb on migraine management:

Other antidepressants: SSRIs and bupropion not effective in migraine; [SIZE="4"]venlafaxine effective; in study, patients with anxiety benefitted from duloxetine; monoamine oxidase inhibitors effective, but have numerous side effects

Prof Hain also says the following on Efexor:

Efexor (venlafaxine HCI) – we find this drug very effective.


Venlafaxine (Efexor). Used for prevention. This antidepressant medication, of the SNRI group, is very effective and has relatively few side effects. (Diamond, Pepper et al. 1998; Nascimento 1998; Adelman, Adelman et al. 2000; Bulut, Berilgen et al. 2004; Ozyalcin, Talu et al. 2005). We particularly favour this drug for the visual dependence symptom commonly seen in migraine. The usual dose is small -- varying between 12.5 mg and 75 mg/day. There have been occasional reports of the "serotonin syndrome" provoked by the combination of Efexor and triptans, as well as the "SSRI" family of antideprssants. It seems unlikely that this would occur when using the [SIZE="4"]small doses typical for migraine prophylaxis (37.5 to 75 per day). We have encountered withdrawall problems in persons who stop Efexor in larger doses than this, but none with the lower doses used for migraine. We usually start persons with 1/2 of the smallest dose available.

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