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My PM Dr. prescribed the Cymbalta for back pain, and he said that anyone who has had pain for four years, has to be depressed....well, I would not say I was depressed, occasionally I felt anxiety...but that is a matter of opinion. In the past I had problems with antidepressents..side effects that were unacceptable. I took the Cymbalta for the first time on Tues. night. Well, I woke up yesterday very sick to my stomach...and with a nasty headache..as well as a very ugly feeling - like I didn't like anyone, not nice. This is the same type of feeling I have had with Buspar...and that was not pretty. I know I only took it once, but if that is the way I would feel on this stuff, I don't want any part of it. I told the Dr. that this type of med. did not like me, his reply was "it's different"..