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I will agree that the first thing you need to do is calm down, and that's much easier said then done I know.
It seems to me it may be best if you first deal with the issues of your anxiety since it is known that it will make pain worse and by dealing with the anxiety then it will be easier to get others to listen to you about your back and neck problems.
I have no idea as to what all your health problems are but I do know that drs and others always want to believe that most of our problems are due to anxiety and such especaily when they can't find a problems right away.
You need to contact your family dr and see them for an app. to see about starting on some type of anxiety medication such as buspar or something and maybe even some counseling.
Please understand I'm not by any means saying your problems are not real and maybe even serious it's just until you can calm down you are going to have a hard time geting others to listen and take it serious.
I don't have much use for traction myself and am not sure I would continue with any chiro. treatments until I had a better diagnosis , I really doubt you have a brain tumor I can't say this for sure but I can say I know first hand that anxiety can cause a wide range of symptoms.
Please let us know how your doing and keep posting it helps to vent..
Thinking of you and wishing only the best for you.