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Ive been diagnosed schizo-affective for 4 years now, and obsessive compulsive for 3 years. The only real improvement that maybe I choose to notice significantly is the ocd change. Wow what a difference. Finally I can do other things than waste time doing rituals. but I digress. If in fact I am schizoaffective I guess that would explain why I saw grass growing off my kitchen stove, and little jumping insects that I tried to catch. lol not to mention the "over" joy I got meeting a woman that clicked with me, and then the quick mood change to depressed and descouragement when something didnt work out.

None the less, Im here because I could use a little input for my next appointment to see my shrink. See I went from 196LBS to approx 235, within a year that I was increased 2mgs of risperdal. Im now at the max, 6mgs. I feel like everything is too much trouble, even starting a new relationship with someone new. I feel useless, and a burden to everyone. I cant even shower on a regular basis which has never happened to me before since 4 years ago. I took it upon myself to do all the self-help psychology re-education. I dont seem to have any ocd, or sfd symptoms, but I still get the anxiety, heart palpitations, and panic sometimes, especially when Im about to do something physical, even if its the dishes. I cant concentrate on reading a book, but I can write in my journal. Ive lost interest in tv, video games, etc, simply for the fact that its too much demand on me. My father is 76, im 36, and ive been sick since 9 undiagnosed ocd, and undiagnosed sfd for 13 years, they had me schizo but not affective and completely disregarded my complaint of ocd.

Can anyone tell me if risperdal is the culprit for my lack of ability to concentrate, panic when doing something physical like laundry, and weight gain.....and lethargy?

Im currently taking: 1000mgs Epival, 6mgs risperdal, 20mgs celexa, 20mgs buspar, and 1.5mgs rivotril.

The funny thing is I was once briefly on trazedone and man did I feel motivated....more to notice it in an underaverage way but it felt good to get things accomplished. But of course my doctor didnt want to put me back on it. He's a new doctor. (figures)

buspar does nothing for me, and neigther does a pittance of 0.5mgs morning and 1mg nightly of rivotril....

Why does everything, even parties seem like my brain is gonna explode or im gonna fall assleep. I cant take anything, even loud noises. Everything seems too much to handle.... its got to be the meds... my head feels like its in a cloud, and comes to a barrier everytime I look forward to doing something, and when the time comes, I cant do it.

well anyway, thats all... if you havent heard it before, I'll say it now. Merry Christmas all year round, and Happy new year. May all your prayers be answered.