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Hey there,

I have suffered from HORRIBLE panic attacks for over 5 years now. I also have a heart condition called SVT...which doesn't help matters any. I have been taking Xanax for these attacks for 5 years and have slowly needed to increase my dose. I hadn't always been taking it daily...but usually atleast every other day...up to 2 mg. Well, my panic attacks are getting worse (along with the SVT episodes) and I had a Dr's appointment this morning. Well, he took me off xanax (just like that)...and prescribed me Buspar instead. I haven't been going to this Dr. for very long, but he is not a big fan of Benzo's to say the least. I am completely out of xanax now and he wouldn't even give me a refill to allow me to taper down some. I'm pretty nervous about this. Also, from what I have read Buspar isn't a very good med in the treatment of panic attacks. It seems to be used more in the treatment of generalized anxiety disorders and OCD. I haven't taken one yet, but is there any hope this med may help my extreme panic attacks? Also, does it take long to work? Xanax would usually calm me down within 15 minutes or so.

I would first find another dr! What a jerk. I know they don't want to prescribe the Xanax as much. As I see it, what does it matter whether it's Xanax or an SSRI, or a heart med you take, you're still "addicted". ? Anyway, I have read some good things about Buspar and am thinking of trying it again to keep my panic attacks at bay. I have read that it helps quite a bit in many instances. I would try it if I were you. Start out real slow and go with small doses for a few days and go up. I am going to try that I think. I was taking Lexapro for anxiety and it helped, but the weight gain made me stop. My anxiety is back and won't go away. I don't really want to go back on the Lexapro, so going to try Buspar first.

With anxiety, we have to get out of our heads.
Hi! I also have SVT, have had it quite awhile now. You don't say if you are taking any med for THAT condition?? If not, you really should see a cardiologist and see if a beta blocker would be advised? I take atenolol for my tachycardia and it works GREAT! As you may know, SVT, mitral valve prolapse and anxiety/panic attacks are a big ball all rolled into one. I, too take Lexapro which does ZIP for anxiety......now I carry around a LOT of weight. Hoping to quit the Lexapro when I switch to new shrink in January. Will ask about Buspar versus the Ativan I use that DOES control anxiety/panic. There is a large body of evidence out there that people with anxiety know how to control benzo useage but doctors DON'T want to hear it. Remember, benzos are CHEAP and prescribing them versus some high price SSRI won't help doctors get those pharmaceutical perks they like so well!!!!!!! Anyway, please check out taking a med for your SVT..........I had TWO racing heart episodes with a trip via ambulance to the ER before I was told to take a med for it as it can be quite dangerous. Good luck to you.