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Have you tried Byetta for the type II diabetes? Heard it really works wonders and helps with weight loss also. I think I am lossing my strength from having so much pain and not wanting to move around. I hardly ever walk anymore. They measure me, and I seem to measure out the same. I just wonder if it is fat and not muscle. I have gained so much weight recently and now they have a nurse coming 2 times per week to talk to me basically and take my vitals. They put me on a high fiber diet and want me to drink more water. I started Chantex today, hope I can quit smoking. I hope your bP stays down. You really need to get something to regulate your sugar though. I think you were stressing over your mom and your pain will calm down for you. Pain, such an ugly thing! :angel:
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Chris, Byetta? is it a med for diabetes? I haven't been on any meds until now, thats why I'm so bummed out, I have been controlling it by watching my diet and now that isn't working too well.

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