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My endroconologist wants to put me on tekturna. i havn't heard from my dr. yet about it. endro is suppose to suggest it to him. i'm having a heck of a time on my meds right now, benicar hct and cardizem.

endro seems to thin k i will do very well on teckturna. i hope so.

Brownie, please let me know how you'r doing on it. i think i'm calling my dr. monday to find out what the delay is. it's been 3 weeks since i've seen the endro dr.. i expected to hear from my dr. by now. i'm so sick on what i'm taking now.

Bsheba, yep, i got the script filled. haven't tried it yet. it really wasn't too expensive. the company took 25. off and i paid 50some. i thought it would be much more then that.(this has not gone through my insurance yet).

When i have some time, today's not a good day, i'd really like your opinion on some things. you seem so knowledgable about so many meds. and i believe we have been on some of the same meds.

you see, right now my numbers are great on benicar, hct, and cardizem, but i never feel good. pains and nausea , can't sleep........... just can't figure out which one is doing it, if any...

so confused.......but will talk to you later, thanks in advance for listening to my rants.

OK Bsheba, let me try to condense this, i could write a book:eek: .It's so good to have someone to talk to.

i'm 59 and have been on bp meds for about 16 yrs. been on accupril,hyzaar, norvasc, dynacirc, diovan, and now, for a few years been on benicar, hydrochlorothiazide, and cardizem la.

problems started last june, and at the time i was also on lescol for hc. have had the same problem with hc meds, have been on many and have sworn off them all since june.

Problem is i have just felt sick every day, just not right . and it seemed every4 or 5 weeks i would start having such muscle/joint pain and nausea.It would last a few weeks then slowly go away. Would complain constantly to doc., would see him almost every 3 weeks it seemed. he put me through tons of tests, tons of tests. everything fine. and then, as i told Paul in another thread, he sent me to gi doc. put me through colonoscopy, endoscopy and hida. found out about gb, took care of that. but now i'm still having muscle/joint pain on and off.

Now, let me go back a bit, bear with me, i'm trying not to be too confusing:dizzy: . Since june, i've been telling him that i think it's meds doing this. also i was having sever fatigue when i would have these episodes. this of course is also a side effect of both meds. ok, first thing he did was take me off lescol. the lescol was giving me a deep pain in my armpit/chest:dizzy: . that pain went away within a week but left my arm feeling very weak and tingly for a few months. but still not feeling good. but i let it go because this combo of bp meds was really keeping my bpdown.

Then in oct. i had a horrible time, spent most of the month in bed with pain and nausea. he even gave me lexapro at this time, which made me sicker. only took it for a week. i know he thinks i'm nuts. A few months later is when we started the gi doc. so after deciding that gb had to come out i talked to him before haning surgery. asking him point blank how a sick gb could cause all my problems, pain, not sleeping, ect. i asked him if it wasn't meds, could i have ms? fibromyalgia? anything? he said no to ms and fibro, but maybe adrenal gland not working. he suggested i have gb out, recup and seehim in another 6 months and we'll go to an endrocronologist from there. :rolleyes: This was in Jan. surgery was scheduled for march 6. so come mid feb. still sick, i decided not to wait another 6 months and seen endro. all my glands are fine, but he found an elevated renin count. suggested the tekturna.

so here i am , with the new med, and my dr. wanted me to just add it to the regime i'm already on. i said i think these meds are what 's making me sick, so he told me to stop the benicar and add the tekturna and see him in 3 weeks. well, i haven't done it yet. last night i didn't take the cardizem because it had been making me sick again, nausous, and i can't sleep when i take it a few days and i needed to sleep.

:eek: something important i forgot to say. for the last 7/8 months the way i've been taking these meds is this way, benicar40mg, hct, and cardizem. when i would get too nauseus and unable to sleep at all i would drop the cardizem and take benicar 40mg, hct in am. and another 20mg benicar at night. I would do this for probably 6 weeks when joint and muscle pain would start, sometimes it become unbearable. then i would go back to cardizem and drop the 20 mg benicar. both docs. know i do this and say it's alright.

but this is why i know the meds are a major problem. cardizem causes no sleep and digestive problems, too much benicar causes pain. hct?:confused:

sorry this is soooo long and confusing. what do you think about this mess?

Re reading my post i see it truly is so confusing. i have so much to say and am not very articulate about it.

one thing that needs explaining is when i would change the way i would take the meds, i would almost immediate relief from the problem, whether it was the nauseau or the backpain/joint/muscle pain. and it would last weeks before a problem returned. but as time went, the good times lasted for a shorter and shorter period. now when i start taking the cardizem, in only 2or3 days the stomach starts turning.

when on all three pills my bp runs 105/68 gernerally, when i stop cardiqem it runs 138/90 and keeps rising. i don't feel well at 138/90

what a vicious cycle.

thanks bsheba, for listening................stars
[QUOTE=stars13;2935940]Re reading my post i see it truly is so confusing. i have so much to say and am not very articulate about it.

You do have much to say, you are able to summarize and articulate a complex situation succinctly, you know your own body and you are smart to listen to what it is telling you (not everyone is able to do this!) Now give yourself a pat on the back because you deserve it.:) :)

[QUOTE]one thing that needs explaining is when i would change the way i would take the meds, i would almost immediate relief from the problem, whether it was the nauseau or the backpain/joint/muscle pain. and it would last weeks before a problem returned. but as time went, the good times lasted for a shorter and shorter period. now when i start taking the cardizem, in only 2or3 days the stomach starts turning.

Because you're experiencing almost immediate relief from the problem when you change the way you take the meds I would assume it was a problem with medication (I would have assumed med problem first anyway, but your doctors have more or less confirmed this because they found no other obvious cause--I get angry because one doesn't have to take lots of tests to find out it's not the drugs...they just have to disco the drug but then they wouldn't make as much money:dizzy: !!).

Just because your good times are lasting for shorter and shorter periods, doesn't mean it isn't side effects. Our bodies can become more sensitive to something the longer we are exposed to it, and it can take our bodies longer and longer to process and rid our system of the drugs (and side effects) especially as we get older!

The obedient soul I was, I took the hctz daily, only missing doses when Id sleep around the clock. Hydrocholorthiazide caused me excruciating shoulder, back, and joint pain but these pains came and went for days, weeks, or months at a time despite daily dosing...the unbelievable exhaustion was something I experienced on an hourly basis, throughout the entire period.
Benicar/Hydroclorothiazide caused body aches, restless leg and arms, and extreme fatigue...again, although I took my dose daily, the symptoms would vary in frequency and intensity. So as far as those muscle aches and pains and the exhaustion go, I would definitely suspect those meds!

As far as the cardizem, I haven't been on it but I did look up the side effects and they include nausea/upset stomach, sleep problems, and excessive tiredness.

So all of your pills can be causing your "problem" symptoms. I've been told that docs prescibe more than 1 drug at small doses to minimize the side effects...sounds to me like your drugs are maximizing the side effects. That said, I would suggest you have a heart to heart with a good pharmacist and find out how you can go about getting off of ALL of them...mind you, don't take yourself off without a doctor's advice...but you do need to be knowlegable enough to challenge that doctor of yours and insist on only one medication. I would encourage you to work with your health care professionals to take only ONE DRUG AT A TIME until you can figure out what's working and what's not...obviously, the three meds are not working even though they are keeping your numbers down. If your doctor doesn't want to do this, ask him why, write down the answer, and then do some doctor shopping. (Oh, and that extra renin in your system, it is my understanding that ACE inhibitors and ARB's create increased renin which in turn increases the blood pressure, and yes, on goes the cycle--I don't know if cardizem falls into that category or not but you've got to wonder how much these drugs contribute to creating high blood pressure).

Unlike some older bp meds that "interfere" with the production of renin, the new drug, Tekturna, is supposed to stop the renin in its tracks, which means that too much renin won't be produced thus avoiding the "viscious cycle". Because of this, they hope it may offer some protection for people with specials conditions like kidney disease, heart failure, and diabetes...but they have yet to prove this.

[QUOTE] when i stop cardiqem it runs 138/90 and keeps rising. i don't feel well at 138/90

There is a rebound effect with some meds, I think Lenin might be the one to ask about this..when I've gone off some meds, my pressures go higher for a while before they settle "down". Maybe it has to do with the overproduction of renin, but I don't know. Again, I would check with a good pharmacist and ask him if this applies to you and the medications you want to discontinue.

Last but not least, after being on bp meds for 16 years, have you ever considered asking a doctor about going off meds to see what your pressures would be? I don't know if it's probable or possible, but it does make me wonder...

Stars, these are just my thoughts and opinions. I have no medical degree, just a lot of experience with side effects and a very sincere concern for your well being. I think its the 12 steps groups who say, "take what you need, and leave the rest".

I'm wishing you the best, Stars. I'm sure you'll do fine...you're thinking, questioning, and taking charge! All of the things one must do in this day and age to keep ourselves healthy.

Oh, and please keep in touch...

Bethsheba, first let me thank you for all your time, your interest, your research and your opinions. i truly appreciate it. you have given much to reflect on, and i certainly agree with what you have to say.

The most comforting part of your post was about how your symptoms on benicar hct would come and go in time and intensity. That's the part of my problem that had me totally questioning myself. wondering if it was more serious. even though in my heart i feel it is the meds. This is what blows my mind about my dr. wanting me to add tekturna to what i already am on. i want to eliminate , not add more problems. ya da ya da ya da??????

Well, i'm notsure about this pill. i had night sweats half the night, woke up a bit nauseous and with high numbers. 158/99 after taking tekturna and hct a few hrs ago, numbers are now 137/90. i'm not sure when i will take cardizem. i usually take it in pm but if bp doesn't go down a little more i may take it this afternoon.

i have an appointment with him in a little over 2 weeks, i just might postpone taking tekturna till i talk to him again. not sure yet. i think i'll see how today goes.

I seen on another thread that a poster named brownie was given tekturna, think i'll see if he tried it yet. You know, i have nightmarish visions of phen phen and vioxx . and if my bp is going to go up i might as well be on the other meds for a few weeks with good numbers. don't know:confused: :confused: :confused:

i will keep in touch bsheba, and again thanks for your help............stars:wave: