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Well, my search for good BP control continues. I have made progress. It's generally about 135/85 with some drops (with mild dizziness) and some high points - 158/90 tonight. It's been pretty good but it also goes up when I'm in pain (e.g., migraine) so I can't take any stuff like Imitrex. I have to resort to opiods and would like to have it low enough to take Imitrex or something like it.

I am currently on the max. dose - 32 mg of Atacand (ARB), 8 mg of Cardura (Doxazosin), 200 mg of Coq-10 and also 70 mg of desipramine (a TCA I'm on for migraine prevention). I run 3-4 miles most days. Each pretty well, etc. I'm at ideal weight, etc.

My Dr. said I could try taking 2.5 mg/day of Norvasc (Amlodipine besylate). I have the scrip, but have not filled it.

Any opinions on whether or not I should start it?