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I am presently taking Clonidine .1mg 5x's/day. I am very sensitive to drugs and have tried so many of the bp medicines but get all the side effects. I am having a hard time controlling my bp because I think I have built up an immunity to Clonidine.

My doctor had me on Diovan 80mg 2x's/day. I would get such rushes and fast heart rates it was terrible. The clonidine would help slow it down but I started getting blurred vision, less urine output, increased dizziness but the worst thing of all was the anxiety level. Benicar did that to me also. I lowered the dosage to 40mg 2x's/day but it still persisted.

I am very salt sensitive and I remember reading on this board by someone that ARB's won't work for me. The ARB's did help bring down my bp.

My question is when I go back to the doctor do you think I should try another ARB...been on Diovan, Benicar and Avapro. Or do you think I should try a Alpha Blocker such as Cardura ( I think that's what I read was good for salt sensitive or low resin?) or try Verapamil a CCB? Or do you have any other suggestions?

I am at my wit's end on what to keep trying to control this hbp with little side effects...this is controlling my life...tired of dr's fussing about it when I am doing all I can. They look at me like I am crazy about these side effects but I get them all. I have to work for a living so I need to be able to function. If I could just sit on a couch at home and stay drugged up to lower the bp on all these med's then I guess the Dr's would be happy!