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I am now on Toprol XL 200mg. a day, Cardura 16mg. a day and Lisinopril 5mg. a day. My BP seems to remain at 160/90 most of the time with spikes around 180/100. I have a completely blocked right coronary artery with good collaterals. My Heart Doctor as well as my Internal Meds Doctor don't seem to have a problem with the amount and type of BP meds I am taking. :confused: Everytime I ask about why my BP seems to stay high, all I get is just increase the dosage of one of the meds I am on. :rolleyes: I want off the Toprol as this stuff is not the greatest for your social life, if you catch my drift? :rolleyes: Anyway I am really sick and tired of young arrogant Doctors who do not listen to you!!!! :mad: