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Thanks for your replies. Unfortunatly, i have been up and down every road to get more help with the insurance company. They only covered 60 visits for tmj no matter if it's for physical therapy or a neurologist. Right now i am on tons of medication and nothing is working.
Lorcet 10/650
Carisoprodol 350
Trazadone 200
Paxil 20
wellbutrin 100
prozac 300
valium 5
ambian 10
nexium 40
nabumetone 750
trileptol 300
nasacort aq
dhea 10
oh and a few others that are personal. These medications i didn't have to go on until this whole jaw thing started. Well besides the paxil. Which of course i know makes me grind my teeth but i can't seem to get off it. I don't know you guys I am just having too hard of a time dealing with this. I know that i am probably damaged for life and there is no way i can deal with pain for all that time. I don't see how this doctor can get away with doing all this too me nor dropping me as a patient just because I no long have insurance coverage. I mean darn didn't he make enough off me already. I have also tried Nerontin and a few other drugs which are the same but none have worked. uggg i need help i can't stand being in pain all the time :(