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I am new to this board, and am amazed at how many people are here that have the same symptoms as I do! I am especially interested in worried61's upper back pain. I have the same thing!! It hurts so badly that I have to make sure I have a basket to lean on when I go to the grocery store! Just standing at the kitchen cabinet and chopping veggies, or mixing a batter, causes my upper back to ache so badly I have to go lay down.

I have been to a doctor, who did some blood tests, ruled out Lupus, RA, Gout, and said I PROBABLY had Fibro. That was 2 yrs ago... I have suffered with hip pain, leg pain, every thing in my body hurting, loss of sleep, barely able to get out of bed or up from a chair. Sometimes it gets so bad, I can't tell if the pain is coming from my chest or my back!

Now this upper back pain is the last straw....So, I went to a Dr. last week...He did standard blood work, xrays of my back, and chest xrays...Then he called me the next day and said that my left lung xray had a slight abnormality and wants to repeat the xray in Dec. I will not find out my results of any of my tests until after the next xray Dec. 19th....

I am going to a VA hosptal as I dont' have private insurance, and I qualify for care there since my husband is a disabled Vet. , so I can't just switch doctors.... I am now scared to death that my back is hurting because of something wrong with my lungs! I am a smoker, so I have reason to worry...too little too late i suppose...and if so, I did it to myself....however; I wonder if the upper back pain is also associated with Fibro????

My upper back has hurt worse than ever since the call from the Dr.!!
He gave me Etodolac for pain, and Carisoprodol to take at nite for rest...it has helped some of the hip pain, but not the upper back pain...and I still wake up a thousand times a nite with something hurting...

I think if I knew that my pain is consistant with Fibro, maybe I can get through the next month without having a nervous breakdown!!

I may be worrying for nothing about the lungs, as I dont cough, have shortness of breath, or any other symptoms other than those of Fibro...but I'm sure you all know where I'm coming from when a doctor calls , drops a bombshell and makes you wait a month to find out what the heck he's thinking!! It is difficult to distinguish what is wrong with you when you are so used to everything on your body hurting all the time!!!

Thanks for letting me vent! Any feed back will be appreciated!