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Dear Laura,
About 3 weeks ago my neck was hurting terribly bad, and the pain went from my neck down into my left shoulder and down to my elbow, and then last week I was walking to my car and it had been raining and some mud had settled into my driveway and as soon as my right foot hit the mud my right leg went out in front of me and my left leg went behind me, in other words I did the splits and I couldn't get up until my husband had to come and rescue me. I didn't break anything but suddenly I couldn't move my neck at all. I went inside and called my doctor and he wanted me to come in and see him. He said that I had a lot of knots in my neck and sent me to the hospital for some x-rays. Two days passed and the hosptial called and said that the x-rays showed that I have severe degenerative arthritis in my neck. The doctor put me on Lortab 7.5 for the pain and he also put me on carisoprodol for a muscle relaxer. As far as I can tell the medicine doesn't help a whole lot, except sometimes it make me sleepy. I have been purchasing the thermacare patches that I can wear during the day and at night I am always sleeping on a heating pad and I am still in terrible pain. I also sleep with my arm elevated on a neck pillow so I can try to get some relief. I can never get comfortable no matter how I sit or lay. It just so happens that I had already scheduled a recheck with my reumatologist(sorry about the spelling) and it is Monday morning at 10:00 am. My regular MD has scheduled me an MRI for this Tuesday, the 15th at 8:00 am. I hope they find something to do for me that will give me some relelief. I turned 40 years old in April of 1999 and I can remember that In January of 1999 it seemed like my knees didn't work correctly, what I mean is that one day I was laying on the couch and I had a very hard time getting up off the couch and my kness would snap, crackel and pop(just like rice krispies) and when I would try to sit down on the chair, couch or even the toilet I would have to fall down because I was in such pain. My daughter talked me into going to a reumatologist and he took some x-rays and diganoised me with OA in my knees and since then I have gotten it in my ankles, legs, of course knees, back, spine, hands, head (which is some of the causes of my migranes) and now my neck. I am so tired of feeling bad, I use to bowl since I was 12 which was in 1971 and quit bowling in 1997 after the birth of our son, and when I bowled I never hurt, and in 2002 our son Shawn the 6 year old went to a bowing birthday party and the parents could bowl and so I tried to bowl one game and I tell you I was in so much pain by the end of the game that I barley bowled a 100 and my average use to be 168 or higher, I was in so much pain that my knees and legs was swollen and tight and they stayed that way for over a month just because I went bowling and bowled that one game. My reumotoligist said that I can't do that anymore because that was to much strain and pressure on my knees and legs. I appologize for this reply being so long but I just felt like I needed to talk to someone. I will keep you posted and find out what the doctor says about the severe arthritis in my neck. I hope you feel better soon and thanks again for taking time to read my posting.
Soni Gordon
Claremore, Oklahoma