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I was diag. with Reiters 5 years ago although I have been suffering the symptoms for over 20 years. I contracted Reiters after a bout of food poisoning while in the service. If you do a search on the Net you will find that some sites list some symptoms while other sites will list completely different ones. The truth is Reiters, or Reactive Arthritis as it is now known, is like the other 99 different flavors of arthritis. It has not been studied in any great detail and the medical profession continues to find out new info almost every day.

For example, until I read this board I had never heard of heel pain. Here are my symptoms, all chronic and acute:

Kidney Stones (14), inflammation and pain in the Hands, Hips, Lower & Upper Back, Knees (one knee has almost disintegrated), Elbows, and Shoulders, chronic prostate problems, iritis, sensitivity to light, chronic fatigue, dry eye syndrome, trigger finger, cervical degeneration C3 - C6 with spurs, vasculitis, Restless Leg Syndrome, mouth and tongue sores, minor joint deformation in my hands, and depression. Other than that I am fine :-)

Meds: Oxycontin, Methotrexate, Folic Acid, Carisoprodol, Hyrdrocodone, Lexapro, Cromolyn Sodium eye drops, Mirapex, Celebrex

I have been confined to an electric wheel chair since May and have recently had to leave my job and take disability. Before everyone panics and throws themselves off the top of their stacked pill bottles let me say that extreme cases such as mine are rare. (Lucky me)

So far I do not have heart valve problem or the facial myalgia. I do have one more strange symptom; every now and then I get a sharp pain right in the middle of my breast bone ? The first time I thought it was a heart attack. I was told that the Reiters can effect the connective tissue crossing the breastplate to the ribs. Anyone else have that one ?