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Thanks everyone for your understanding and support. Sometimes it seems the people closest to you have no clue - spouse, kids, parents, in-laws. They just think, oh, her back hurts. . . what do you mean you need help loading the dishwasher, you never did before! Gee, mom, why won't you play jump-rope with me? It's very frustrating.

I'm feeling a tiny bit better today, at least I'm able to sit in a chair! (not really funny) Last night I was just feeling sorry for myself - it happens. I don't let myself stay there, though, because I believe it makes the pain worse.

I never heard of a pain-management doctor before but I will definately ask my nuerosurgeon about it when I see him again. I don't have an orthopedist right now -I dumped my last two because in my opinion they were incompenent when it came to my history (scoliosis). The first one told me I was too young to have disc problems when I first saw him about my neck and then in the same visit when I questioned him about getting arthritis at an earlier age because of the scoliosis, he said, well you're 35 - everyone your age has some kind of arthritis!!! The other ortho sent me to a nuerologist whom he was supposed to call with his observations and never did. I sat in the nuero's office while he dialed the ortho and left a message but the guy still didn't call him back. I got the impression that he was afraid to make a diagnosis and was waiting on the nuerologist.

The only meds I have were prescribed a while ago and they're not very strong. All I have left is Carisoprodol, 350mg. I take one before bed just to sleep.

I'm going to call my doctor tomorrow because I have another question, but I will also ask about pain-management.

Thanks for the advice.
Wishing you all pain-free days.
Renee :angel: