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Hi All my hubby a chronic back pain , with two surgeries, last being fusion with pedicle screws..L4-L5, L5-S1, 6 in all on the S1 they just put two on one side of the bone, whereas on the others the 2 screws were across from each other. Anyway, he had a bad broken leg also earlier back (first work injury) and subsequently hurt his back a year later. Been fighting with them since 2000, and he has one kind or another been on pain meds since. Since he has only one kidney (donated to brother years ago) their worried about his high acet. doese in his pain meds, so neurosurgeon has suggested Methadone, and it also says "Methadose" on his pill bottle....it's at 5mg to start. What does that Methadose mean? And was wondering about others experiences with Methadone? Did it help. what problems have you had with it, ect. He had been taking Hydro 7.5/500, and before 10/325, and at one point 10/650, his pain doc kept switching them. He's on Neurontin 300mg 4x a day, also Dexalone, and Carisoprodol 350 mg 3x daily ( I think that's Soma muscle relaxer I know it is).
Also does anyone know about bloodwork..or which forum to best get an answer if no one here knows....he has high cholesterol along with other health issues, and they test regularly for that, since last test taken in Feb this year, his BUN has fell from 11 to a 6, Creat. was 1.0, now it's 1.1 BUN /Creat. Ratio was 11 and now is 5 and is highlighted on his paper, meaning there's a problem cause they highlight his cholesterol if it's high, his trigs were 511 in Feb and now are 168, his total cholesterol was 199, and is now 202. I know the BUN/ creat. thing has to do with kidney function....? I think?? am I right??? any clues??

Thanks everyone