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hey guys and girls,
ive been on and off for the majority of 8 to 9 years.. mostly on more than off. i have done the best of it, from codiene to darvon, agonist/antagonists to hydrocodone to morphine.. ive shot my share.. (and yours,) of oxycodone, and dilaudid and heroin to boot. i even used to get pure powdered hydrocodone with no cut, that even tried to.. yes, IV. and you know.. theres a wide range of us here on this message board, and it really doesnt matter if your taking 5 lorries a day or shooting 100 d's. the pain.. is the SAME. ive been recently prescribed hydromorphone and oxycodone and hydrocodone and diazepam and carisoprodol.. among other things like sleepers and wakers.. anyhow, ive tried kicking 5 lorcets a day and kicking, just recently shooting an average of 10 or 20 billies a day (400-800mgs of oxycodone) with 4 or 5 d's as a side dish.. thats several times a day in the least, not to mention maybe 20 to 30 hydrocodones if the heavy supply is low. and kicking just 5, or kicking all of this mentioned above.. its no different. the pain level? yes thats different, the withdrawal can worsen.. but we are ALL, in the same boat with the PANIC.. the FEAR.. the mental anguish.. of having to face this horrible physical pain of reform. its scares me horribly.. infact, its about the only thing that scares me.. 30 lorries a day doesnt scare me, a 200mg loaded rig of oxy doesnt scare me.. the damage weve done to our bodies doesnt scare us.. the risks we take with ourselves and our friends and families doesnt scare us.. but the pain and dear DOES, and apparantly theres alot.. ALOT of people that are doing the same thing.. and this includes YOU, reading this thread.. YES!!! its YOU im spekaing to.
ive just started SUBUTEX, and its th most amazing treatment ive ever seen or heard of. for the first time in 2 years im clean by choice and working this program confidently. ive tried alot of alternatives and alot of treatments and they all dont even come CLOSE. im surrounded by medications, and people with medications, and people looking for medications.. ect ect.. and amongst this adversity im still making strides.. confidently, ill add again.. making strides in a positive direction. i know theres someone out there, as determined to make this better as i am, and is reading this.. and if your sick.. no matter what or how much youo take, we are all the same.. if your sick.. and sick and tired, and sick and sick and tired, or sick and sick and tired of being sick, man this is a heaven sent option. its golden. opiates have been labeled one of humanities first scourges, preceding cocaine and alcohol.. it has reigned thousands of years unapproachable, unstopable.. millions of people have suffered for centuries.. and finally through our techonological evolution as a people have we unnearthed some new methods of combating this "scourge".. and in my personal opinion, SUBUTEX is the best yet.. and its available NOW.

p.s. im very excited about this working for me, and have every intention of helping everyone i can out thats in the same situation as i am.. please dont hesitate to write or ask, i helps me as well as it helps you.

the bartacomus