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Some neurologist do prescribe medications for pain, but that isn't why you are going to this one - it may be why you think you are but...- you are going to the neurologist to get a proper workup and full set of diagnostic test to see if they can rule out/in MS.

This will probably involve another MRI with some dyes, a mess of touching test (where he will touch your fingers and face and toes and other things), he may have you walk in certain ways, grip things, will ask you some questions like (subtract 7 from 111 and keep going till you get to 0) and the like, he may also want to do a spinal tap and a full set of blood work.

In my experience, neurologist have been some of the best doctors I have seen as far as their ability to diagnose problems, but MS is tricky one in the early stages to know for certain. Just go along, and let him order the tests he thinks he needs to order.

Don't get scared yet, a lot of people have little specs in their white matter that are not MS lesions. Believe it or not, the computers that generate the processed MRI's do occasionally leave artifacts - so the little white specs may not actually be there at all. Let them run the test with contrast and go over what is going on. Just some things to keep in mind.

What I would do in your situation is designate whatever doctor you like the best as your PCP to manage everything. If you do have fibromyalgia, maybe you want to make that the rheumatologist or your GP, if you do eventually get diagnosed with MS, you would probably want to make that your neurologist or GP. It's very advantagous to have *one* doctor managing medicines. Outside of crisis situations, you want them all to know what is going on. You want to sign releases for medical records between all of them, and every time you go bring your medicine bottles in and a full list of what you are taking on a sheet of paper and the doses. Too many cooks in the kitchen can happen. What I do is bring all of my scripts and changes into my GP before we impliment them unless its an emergency situation. That way I have one person overeeing everything that is going on. It's saved me from the right hand not knowing what the left hand is doing twice now.

I have other problems going on as my signature line will tell you.

I currently take a combination of:
Methothrexate, Morphine Sulfate, Sodium Naproxen, Prednisone, Folic Acid, Omeprazole, Methocarbamol &/or Carisoprodol, Dextromethorphan Polistrirex, and a few other vitamins and medicines on a strictly as needed basis.

It's unlikely that you will start on anything like this. They will probably try physical therapy, a TCA, maybe Tramadol, a muscle relaxer, and possibly sleep drugs until they find out what all is going on with you. They may not do much of anything until they get a firm diagnosis as starting you on medicine before your neurology appointment could cloud the diagnostic situation for him.