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Hey C14,

I agree with Marcia. If your throat is swelling, that is signs of an allergic reaction. Why do we all of the sudden become allergic? Who knows? It just can happen, and it tends to get worse with more exposure to that particular substance.

By the way, the drug name for Soma is Carisoprodol. I would let your doc know about it. There are allergy clinics you can go to that can test you for different things to see what you are allergic to. You'd probably be surprised.

Not everything you're allergic to may cause severe symptoms. Some may just cause a rash, however, others can cause you to stop breathing. You may want to see if your doc will Rx you an Epipen. This can buy you some time in the event of a severe allergic reaction.

Either way, speak with you doc and let him know whats going on.

Take Care