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Thanks again. The heated neck massager thing I have is also a supportive neck collar and relieves the pain some even if it's just around my neck but turned off. I'm wearing it more.

I got a lead on another chiropractor who is highly recommended by multiple people and has a great reputation. I hope to get an appointment with him this week or next. If that does not help I may look into getting an MRI. I sure hope I don't need surgery because there is just no way I could afford that.

My medication choices are also limited since, not having a doctor, I order them online from international pharmacies. I have anxiety and stress issues so already have diazepam and alprazolam around and they do relax muscles. I ordered some carisoprodol but there were shipping problems from India and I gave up on it since what I already had was providing some relief. I will check into availability and pricing of the two drugs you mentioned. Or do you think I should further pursue carisoprodol? I know I can get that if I try hard enough. Tramadol provides some pain relief but the seizure risk worries me some especially since I've had a few seizures in my life but hopefully benzodiazepines would prevent that.

No, I've had no other symptoms besides the pain originating from the top right side of my neck. The stress in my life finally seems to be easing some so hopefully that will help too.
Both Skelaxin/metaxalone and Flexeril/cyclobenzaprine seem to be much more difficult to obtain from a reputable international pharmacy and expensive than Soma/carisoprodol. Also, I read a bunch of reviews comparing the three and the consensus seems to be that carisoprodol works best for more people with muscle spasms, although of course it depends on the nature of the problem as well. So I ordered carisoprodol, found a reliable place to get some here within a couple weeks, although I really hope the new chiropractor or something else helps get the root of the problem solved rather than taking drugs to mask symptoms. But maybe if the muscle spasms are eliminated with enough medication they won't come back?