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Hi, Keith. Sorry to hear about your neck pain. I know how frustrating and tiring it is to keep running back and forth to doctors but in my own opinion, anything that helps to avoid surgery is a good thing and worth a try. As far as meds go, to be honest, nothing I tried really stopped my neck pain (see profile), but, believe it or not, simple prescription ibuprofen took the edge off and helped me sleep at night(however, it was a megadose). You could also try Carisoprodol or Methocarbonal - both muscle relaxers.

If you decide to try the injections, let us know how they worked for you. Good luck and feel better.

Renee :angel:

1982 Fusion surgery for scoliosis with stainless steel Harrington Rod - T5 - L3 - using pelvic bone for grafting
1999 Neck problems began
2001 Cervical Kyphosis
2003 3 Herniated Cervical Discs - C4 thru C7. One disc (C5-6) pressing on the spinal cord (no nerve root compression) causing leg problems - diagnosed with Myleopathy and anterior cervical discectomy recommended.