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I am new here ... all of you seem so friendly and welcoming, so I feel free to ask questions. :) Thank you in advance for your replies.

I had a fusion (my own hip bone) at C5-6 in 1997. It was an 8mm herniation, and the surgery lasted 4 hours after they had to bring in some kind of special machine to retrieve parts of my disk from my spine. I recovered well ... no complaints on my part.

Last week, I found out I have herniations at C4-5 (3-4 mm) and C6-7 (2mm). I have a very weak right arm, for example it's hard to brush my hair, my teeth (seems uncoordinated), and can't put the car in gear or reach.

My MRI films are at my NS's office waiting to be evaluated, I was hoping today would be the day to get the phone call as to what I am looking at in terms of what the method of treatment will be. I assumed surgery, but then someone mentioned steroid shots? Will this take care of the arm weakness?

My other question concerns whether herniations above/below fusions are common? Have any of you experienced this?

I was in a hard collar for 8 weeks post-op before being allowed to go back to work. I just read where one of you (I'm sorry I can't remember who) had surgery last Friday and is back at work half days already? This seems unbelieveable to me! Has the recovery time decreased so much, or is this a remarkable recovery?

Another question (thanks for reading) - how big were the herniations that you had surgery for? I'm wondering if a 3-4 mm herniation is even considered for surgery. There is spinal cord involvement. Does that make a difference?

You guys may be laughing at all my questions ... I was going to wait to post until after I heard from my NS, but I don't know when that will be. I am also on drugs ... Hydrocodone, Carisoprodol (sp?), and the steroid pack ... so feeling kinda spacey, but happy to have the drugs for the pain!

Thanks again for your input!