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New to High blood pressure and was prescribed a very low dose of cartia xt (cardizem, diltiazem etc...) As for my bp numbers I haven't really seen any decline in numbers, am I likely to need a higher dose... is this a medicine that has to be "ramped" up to a useful dose..? But in regards to the medicine... what kind of sideffects am i to expect... is it normal to feel soo tired and weak with calcium channel blockers? If so, I'm not looking forward to getting a higher dose.

On a side note, I had my echocardiogram yest and I think it went pretty well.. She did say that she saw an "event" which conincided with a chest palpatation that i felt. So Im anxious to hear the results of that.

So does anyone else take calcium channel blockers? and if so... is fatigue a normal side effect and what else am i to expect?