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Hi All,
I had to go back to the DR. on Monday because I felt so horrible. When I told him my symptoms he once again suggested that I was depressed. I told him I didn/t have these symptoms until I started with the hb meds (Cartia especially). I had swelling of the hands and feet, unbeleivable fatigue, constipation, really weird heart palpatations, and just overall yuckky feeling. He switched me back to Sular and so far I feel much better. I also have a CPAP now and I am beginning to feel better during the day.

While I was there he gave me my lipid panel results. They are as follows:
Total Cholesterol: 276
Triglycerides: 111
Good Cholesterol (I get the two mixed up :D ) : 57
Bad Cholesterol: 176

My question is how they calculate this? How could it jump from total cholesterol of 219 after eating a sausage biscut in August to 276 fasting in December?

I asked my pastor's wife who is a lab tech and she said that's why more than one test needs to be done. She said that if they drew the blood while my body was transferring the fat for energy my results would be much higher than they normally would be. Does anyone know anything about any of this?


Lab's screw up results. Even the amount of water in our bloodsteam effects the concentration of every component.

I'm thinking the salt in a sausage biscuit could cause thirst which increases the blood volume and decreases the cholesterol concentration.

The total cholesterol, HDL and triglycerides are all measured directly and the LDL is calculated using the formula:
TC = LDL + HDL + (Triglycerides/5)
rearranging gives:

LDL = TC - HDL - (Triglycerides/5)

I'm surprised the SULAR (nisoldipine) doesn't cause swelling if the Cartia (diltiazem) did. Good to know and I've filed it for future reference.
Alas, there's no generic for nisoldipine and SULAR costs a fortune :(.

As you know, the 276 total and the 176 LDL stink. Best work on them somehow.

Have another fasting lipid panel done just to be sure of the lab results.