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Hello, my daughter is 14 months old. She constantly is fighting ear infections. nothing has worked so far. she started to get them at about 6 months old and has continued since. I feel so bad for her. Our doctor has said that this new medicine should stop the bacteria and hopefully she will be done. He mentioned that she needs to try one more medication after this. The shots. and if that doesn't work she will have to get tubes. I am so scared! I have heard nothing but horrible things about them. We have tried everything and the infection still comes back. it's like clock work. every two weeks she gets another one. well andyway....I have two questions. #1- this new medication she is on is called "Ceftin," and since she has been on it i have noticed she is weezing and cougs all the time. She is miserable. you can actually hear the congestions in her chest when she breathes. the doc says it is normal. it's all the fluid draining. but i don't know. has anyone ever experinced this med and if so how was your childs reaction? question #2- I don't know a whole lot about the tubes, except what I have read. does anyone have anything helpful to tell me about them. I think she will end up getting them and I just don't want her to! She is a huge swimmer and I don't want something like that to get in her way. HELP!!!