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Hello all, I am new to this board and was wondering if anybody could give me some new suggestions? 2 years ago I had an operation to repair my minicus. I thought it had healed, then about a year later I started having pain below my knee and outside of knee area and swelling.I have been Dx with arthritis under the knee cap and Patello Femoral Syndrome. About 1 month ago I started having more pain everywhere in the knee. Shooting pains in knee cap, pain and swelling behind the knee cap (oh I also have a Bakers Cyst) and pain in my calf, and still the other pain that I mentioned earlier and swelling. My knee has been swollen now for a year. It is so very hard to distinguish were the pain is coming from anymore as it seems to be everywhere. I have taken Viiox and Celebrex, nothing. I have tried accupuncture, only worked once. I am almost housebound and the Dr. seem to do nothing. I am still going to PT sessions now for a year. Does anybody have any new input? I am thinking about the Synvic procedure.