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Hi Auntjudyg and Tree Frog,
Thanks for taking the time to write your thoughts. All of your comments have been helpful. I have had over 10 operations (right and left). The right is the worst ... bone on bone. There is no cartilege, no kneecap, the patellar tendon has been resectioned and I have bone spurs sticking out all over the place. I take Celebrex and work out religiously. I ride a Schwinn Air-Dyne bike, lift light weights, and do stretching exercises three times a week. I have heard that the lack of a patella will reduce leverage and stability in a knee replacement. Thanks again for all of your support. I will continue to try and stay active, despite the fact that I am losing range of motion pretty quickly. I am an avid golfer and that is keeping me moving. Take care.