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Hi can anyone help me with trying to figure out my problem?
I have swelling on my knee and it is also going into my top of the calf now.This has been going on since November but was not this bad until I jumped over a puddle and almost fell in Dec and have since swollen twice the size I was before.
I swell even more when I take a shower or apply warmth to the knee.Had to take my waterbed down as it was causing even more swelling.I can get up and walk normally in the morning with a little swelling on my knee until i take a shower.
Currently I am on celebrex which takes about 2/3's of the swelling down but not all.
I cannot bend my knee to the floor or even close to it.It feels like a rubber band is going to snap in the back area of my knee or likes its not going to get back up and in the right place.
The first Dr(PA-which I didnt know it at the time) misdiagnosed me with RA.My bloodwork showed SED at 40 and the ANA test at 90.RF neg.I am 25 years old and do realize that arthritis can start at any time..I switched Dr's and was told I dont fit the criteria for that disease at this point.But my Dr is stumped as to what it is.
I feel like I am losing my mind lately trying to figure out my problem.I have scoured the net and nothing is matching what I have.I dont have a temp,fatigue,pains,rash,headaches,weight loss or any of it.
So I am turning to this board as I came across it while looking on the net and am hoping someone might know whats going on.
Thanks for any help~~

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