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female 56 -male 57. Started taking low dose aspirin 6 months ago without DR approval. All we have read says it is a good thing to do. Female is type 2 diabetic---paxil 10mg,atenolol 5mg. Male -high colesterol- paxil 10mg, celebrex. Male was taking lipitor but had liver enzyme elevation problems. Is this a good thing for us to be doing at this early age or not. Was just curious????? Also take 1000mg of fish oil, multi vit, vitamin e and calcium daily.

Hi- taking low doses of aspirin prophylactically can do a lot of people a lot of good. However, given your medical histories, even if all seems well, I would simply pick up the phone and DEFINITELY check with your doctor that this is okay for you guys.

Aspirin may indeed be great to prevent SECOND heart attacks in MEN (studies have concluded this) but the jury is out on other variables. It all depends on the individual.
Apsirin can significantly thin the blood. Which can lead to a particular kind of stroke. On the other hand, aspirin is often indicated for people who have a tendency to have blood clotting issues, who NEED to have their blood thinned, to prevent a DIFFERENT kind of stroke. One man's meat is another's poison so to speak.

If you are hypertensive, even if your BP is controlled...I would definitely check w/my doc first just to be safe.

One definitely should not take aspirin therapy if they have an aspirin allergy, increased bleeding tendency, recent gastrointestinal bleeding, recent or scheduled surgery, and active hepatic disease. Since your husbands liver enzymes elevated on Lipitor, I wouldn't take aspirin until I knew liver function was back to normal levels.

Celebrex can be used with low dose aspirin in a lot of people. But taken together, it may result in an increased risk and rate of gastrointestinal ulceration or other complications, compared to the use of Celebrex alone.

You are probably going to be okay with this, but really...check first with your doctor.

zuzu xx