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Keith Eugene,
Thank you for your reply. It's nice to know you're not alone out there. I am seeing my pain clinic consultant on Nov 25th, and am taking copies of my MRI scan and written report with me. Although officially I wont have the result until my NS reads it to me at my visit with him on January 13th. Things happen real quick here in the U.K. !!!! My own doctor says I should discuss with her, and maybe she could get some sort of definate diagnosis underway, checking out the occipital neuralgia etc; I have been under the NS for three years, and only seen him twice, it just takes so long. and when I'm going through a bad phase, I start looking up things for myself again, it gives you something to grip on to. I had to come off all my anti-inflammatory meds in May of this year because they suspected I may have an ulcer, I had all sorts of strange things going on with my stomach. Anyhow, I had an endoscopy last week (not very nice), and ulcers were ruled out, but there is inflammation is the osoephagus So now they have given the go ahead for me to re-start my medication, which varies between Meloxicam,Vioxx and Celebrex. I'm not sure if they are known by the same name over there, and I'm also not sure that they do much good. That horrible neck pain and left sided headache has been with me again today. Is it possible that muscles etc and not nerves cause that pain.
Iwish you well.
Regards, Mary.T :wave: