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[QUOTE='][SHMIGELZ][']Listen - Don't get too ahead of yourself, I went for FOUR ABDOMINAL surgeries last year alone. 95% of the people couldn't even do the prep alone for the surgery. I know what severe pain is....It took a good year of my young life.... That's not even including my destroyed shoulder...

I had the same problem that you did about 4 years ago. I had destroyed my shoulder, torn rotator in 3 places, bone spurs, and bursitis. I started on the pain meds and the tolerance just kept building. After my shouder surgery, they prescribed me 20 20mg Oxycontin and 30 Percs for the pain. This was supposed to last me at least 7 days. It lasted about 5. I was taking more and more pain meds becuase I liked the feeling. But don't take it if you like it because you will get addicted. I spent almost 4 months in rehab in California because I was in bad shape. Try Celebrex. If you do take the pain meds, take them as prescribed.