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Konniep, I don't have experience with Oxy, but do have over 20 experience with opiates. From what I know and what I've read, it sounds like you are begining to have WD's before your next scheduled dose.

I will tell you how I have come to this conclusion. From what I have read and heard from patients, OxyContin (Purdue Pharma) and MS Contin (Purdue Frederick), both Purdue products are notorious for not lasting the full 12hrs at nacoticizing doses. They tend to drop real quickly after about 8 to 10 hrs. A lot of the people, at this site, that take these products take them 3x per day (every 8 hrs), because of this. Also the sweats that you describe sound like the sweats that one gets when they run out of their drug and begin to go into WD. From my personal experience the first thing I would feel is "the sweats" even before I would feel anything else when my narcotics would run low. "The sweats" as I call them is the bodies inability to control it's temperature (one of the first signs of WD's), and sometimes they would actually occur when I was feeling cold. I would be sweating and get under the blanket. When this is just starting and is caused by a low narcotic level, you will be unable to control your sweating until the next dosage takes affect. If this sounds anything like what happens to you, then you may need to tell your PM doctor and see about changing to a 3x a day dosing schedule.

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First of all, :angel: Happy Thanksgiving to you too!! ;) Yes, I have also read that oxys do not last the full 12 hours that they are suppose to. But before my doc put me on 2/40's twice a day, he had me on 3/20's 3x's a day and the government cracked down, or so he said, and made the docs stop giving them out like that. When I came to this board, I saw how the people were given their meds from their docs and freaked out. I haven't told my doc that the oxys were wearing off before 12 hours because I'm afraid that he'll think that I'm just trying to get more. He's very peculiar (i guess that's the way you spell it LOL) like that. He also has me on flexaril (10mg) 4x's a day, neurontin (800 mg) [email protected], zoloft (50mg) 1x a day, remeron (45mg) [email protected] bedtime, celebrex (200mg) 2x's a day and nexium 40mg 1x a day. So all this is helping me with my pain but I can tell when the oxys start wearing off.