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Thanks again for all the replies! I feel I am well-armed for my visit to the clinic tomorrow.

I took no offence from any of you here, I value all the advice. I tried morphine in several of its incarnations, and morphine is just not a drug that works well for me. I feel side-effects, including strong euphoria, but just not great pain relief.

So I feel I should stay with the Roxicodone. I am a bit worried about Methadone, since I understand it is so very addictive. I even read a post on this board where a poster stated a person could wean off the Methadone to a dose of 1mg/day, and then still go through w/d Hell trying to get off altogether.

So Oxycodone is it, and even though I can only get the short-acting type, I count myself fortunate that I am getting them from a doctor who understands that pain needs to be treated. That's a far cry from my previous doctor who gave me Flexeril and only occasionally 5 mg Vicodin. Mostly, however, it was Celebrex or IB for pain. I can honestly say that that did not work for pain, even though I gave these drugs more than a fighting chance, rather than dismissing them outright.

Thanks again for the messages. and no offence was taken.