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Hi Pam,
I know how you feel. I've been sooo depressed since I got this thing. There have been times that I've cryed non-stop for 5 hrs. I went to a psch doctor. He gave me prozac. I took it for 2 days. Then my P/T asked if I was taking amitriptyline (elavil). I told her no. She had the ortho doc precsribe it for me. In small doses it's supposed to help rsd. I'm not doing great. The tops of my hands (both hands) are burning like he--. And it's the day after a block. I see the ortho doc on Thursday. I'm exercising my hand like crazy & I get more movement now. It's still swollen. I just wish I could wake up & this whole thing would be a bad nightmare. I hope the counselor can help you. I'm taking neurontin, lortab & celebrex besides the amitriptyline. When I add my vitamins & anti-oxidants to these in the bowl I fix in the morning for my daily meds, I feel like I have a bowl of jelly-bellies to pick from for the day. We just have to hang in there & hopefully we'll get better.
Hugs & prayers :angel: