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As much as I'm sorry for your pain. I truely thought I was alone. I had surgery Sept 9th. I was never really out of pain. Things kept popping up. I'd have my good days then bad but after about 2 months things turned to everyday being bad. I too, am 37 and my body feels like an 80year old sometimes. I kept calling my nero about all the pain. They did a cervical block that lasted about a week. Then at my 3 month checkup. The first thing out of my mouth was "Doctor, I still hurt!" I was told by my nero to try yoga and to get used to the pain! Now, he never once after my surgery did an xray or an mri to see if the fusion took place. He refused to give me refills on my celebrex, flexaril much less any pain meds. In the week following, I called every Nero in a 100 mile radius and not one would help me. I ended up going to my husband's general md. He has since ordered more mri's this week. He believes the disc below my surgery has had a strain put on it and is bulging and that there is scar tissue that has formed. This general md, was the first doctor to actually place his hands on my spine, to do grip test to measure the muscle loss in my right side. I still at times have the apple in throat feeling and taking pills sometimes makes me gag, I sometimes need a pain pill at night still. After all this rambling, my point is......I knew something was wrong. I knew deep in my gut that it wasn't normal to keep on hurting like this. I followed that feeling as long as it took to find me someone to listen to me and believe me. Only you know how bad it hurts. I too, was scard to ask for pain meds fearing they would think I was a junkie too. But you know what, someone on here wrote....aren't pain meds there to help us function day to day thru the pain? So, you ask for what you need and forget what they think. Until they have had this pain, how dare they say it doesn't hurt after a week?!
Take care and I truely hope your pain eases!