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Hi Pam,
I been wondering what happened to you. I am sorry your not having more success with the blocks. When is your next one? I've had 6 and get the next one on New Year's eve. They were helping me and I was feeling close to normal until I had my flare-up on Christmas. Just did too much and as my husband said, got off my schedule. When I checked my PT schedule (for my home exercises) I noticed I had not done enough on Christmas. I also remembered today that I had not taken my celebrex for days. Maybe it's the combination of meds, PT & the blocks that were helping me. I have taken my Neurontin, Lortab, Amitriptyline & Clonidine as scheduled. I'm also taking vitamins and 100mg of grape seed extract. I may have missed some of those over the Christmas rush. What meds are you taking? I also have a TENS unit that I've used an awful lot the past two days for the pain. My pain doc doesn't want to continue with the blocks if they are not helping. They do help for several days then the pain starts creeping back. I'm wondering that if I got them closer together maybe they would have a cumulative effect. I will ask him about that. Some of my blocks have been better than others. I guess it depends on how much of the marcaine gets where it's supposed to go. Even with the x-ray (fluroscope?) showing the right position I've had different responses. They have all helped just some more than others.
I know what you mean about it feeling like your arm is falling off. I felt that way the day after Christmas. My thumb felt like someone was cutting the bone with a knife & the top of my hand was burning. I felt like I couldn't go on. It's tough. I don't know what to tell you. I just hope you get some relief soon.
I'm glad you checked in, I was worried about you.
Keep the faith!
Hugs & prayers, :angel: