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Make sure your doctor is aware of the medications you take daily and occasionally. I take the generic version of Elavil for the frequent headaches and sleep problems. I have been taking it for about 2 yrs, it helps and is affordable. For pain it helps but when something is happening, when I go into a flare, or hurt myself, I take something more like, 8hrty*lenol or an anti inflammatory if it is tissue swelling, nerve pain this type of thing or Celebrex if it is worse. As far as it helping depression it helps a bit. It evens out mood swings but does not eliminate them. Dosage is flexible with Elavil and that's a good thing. If you have tried Zoloft for a while and don't think it's helping tell the doctor and ask him/her what you should do. Stopping meds abruptly is not good for the body. If he wants you to come off it, ask him/her the step-down dosage you should follow and if you should wait until you are off the Zoloft to take the Elavil.