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Hello all,

To those of you who suffer from chronic hives (urticaria) I will be posting my reasearch on what I believe to be a way to stop it from happening. First though I would like to state a few things before I get started, now what I am stating is not intended to make anyone angry or to slam anyone, or to insult anyones intelligence, I just want to help you to understand a few things.

Now I am sure there are a lot of people who already know this, but please bare with me. For those of you who may not understand, I want to explain the difference between a cure and a treatment, and to shed a little light on what is really going on in this country as far as our so called health care system.

First: What does cure mean?
What I take it to mean is if you are suffering an illness and you recieve a cure for it, then once you are cured there is no need to continue taking anymore of it or anything else because cure means whatever you had is gone forever, and your immune system can then produce the proper antibodies making you immune to that illness. Although there are some instances when a person has to stay on a particular cure for a time before it can help you become well again, but once you are, then you would be able to stop without suffering again from the same thing. Of course that would be considered being treated with a cure, but not the same as a treatment.

Second: What does treatment mean?
If you have an illness that medical science doesn't have a cure for, then you begin taking treatments to control suffering from symptomes of your illness, but no matter how long you stay on the treatment as soon as you stop, or within a period of time your symptomes return, or after a while your body becomes resistant to the treatment which means you have to begin taking another treatment in conjuction with the one you are already taking, or just taking a different one and stopping the first one.

Now with that being said, I just want you to know I am not making any claim to know how to cure you, all I am doing is shareing research, and what I have done over the past four years in my search for answers, and what has helped me so far.

About four years ago I was diagnosed with chronic idiopathic urticaria, dermatographism, and delayed pressure urticaria. Well it was really after the first year that I was I was diagnosed with all that, and I in fact diagnosed myself and my doctor confirmed it. What prompted me to start looking elsewhere for answers was the fact that I wasn't getting any from the medical field, and it was apparent that all of the doctors I had seen didn't really seem to care, and why should they, they'er not the one's who are sick.

Whether you want to believe it or not, there are limitations to medical science, but not because medical science can't find ways to cure you or can't find out what is causing your illness, it is because they are limited by the major drug companies on what research is avalible. It is a proven fact that the major drug companies want to keep us sick for the purpose of continuing to line their pockets. How can they make money if we are healthy?

Think about it, all you have to do is watch TV to see all the advertisments for this treatment and that treatment. One of their advertisments states that there are over 25 million people taking celebrex. How much do you think that translates into? And while those people who are taking it to relieve their pain, what do you think is going on inside their bodies? While they may not feel the pain, their bones are grinding into dust. Think about it. Is that helping them? I think not.

Please don't get offended by me saying this, but if you are one of those people who wants to wait on medical science to come up with something, then by all means do so. As for myself, I grew tired of waiting and began doing what I could to find answers to help myself and anyone else who would listen and not be to lazy or afraid to stand up and take action. i have seen people come and go from this board. Some come only once with a sad story, someone or a number of members try to help them, then they never come back.

Then there are those who come to this board showing genuine concern, but after a while drop out of sight, never to be heard from again. Then there are those of us who stay for the long haul. Unless we fight together we will never accomplish much alone other than making a little noise. What I am trying to get you to understand is that it takes time, patience, perseverence by somehow finding inside you the will to stay in the fight.

As I said to one person a long time ago before I became sick, I called it the difficult game of life, and he said to me.... At least we are still in the game.

Well now that I have said all of that, my next post will be about my research

Hogan Grimm