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Hello everyone! I am new to this board, but an old timer when it comes to this awful disease. My RLS is just a "tag along friend" to my mixed connective tissue disease, fibromyalgia, myofascial pain syndrome, and RA. I am 37, and was diagnosed at 25. My RLS is severe, with symptoms 24 hours a day, and unbearable at night.

I have been on plaquenil, celebrex, darvocet, ultram, lortab, percocet, neurontin, and many others off and on since diagnosis. Finally because of unrelenting symptoms, mostly from having RLS 24 hrs a day, and migrain headaches, my doctor put me on Oxycontin, which is time released over 12 hours. I was pretty skeptical about being on this powerful drug at my age. I agreed to try it, but after two weeks, I have decided that although the pain relief was wonderful (no pain for 2 weeks!) I just don't want to take it due to the bad side effects. I do get really good pain relief from opiates, but I am tired of taking them all day long (which is what I have to do to have relief all day and night) so my doc is going to try me on Permax and Xanax XR.

Has anyone had good relief from the dopa/benzo combination? (and can you compare it to the relief from opiates?)