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Hi Belcalm,
I have had FS since January of 03. I underwent a manipulation and arthroscopic surgery on Nov 24 ,2003 and am so glad I did. The doctors don't agree whether it was initially RSD that gave me my problems or if it was a frozen shoulder all along. As a precaution, prior to the surgery I was given a nerve block, both to control the pain(which it did) and to prevent the RSD ( if that is what I had) from spreading. Within hours of the surgery I was put on a CPM machine for 10 days and then PT for several weeks. I still continue my therapy at home, religiously everyday and am almost to full range and pain free. My pain level was gearing down prior to surgery and became non-existant afterward. I never had to take the pain medication they prescribed, only the Celebrex I was on for my arthritis. They kept me on Neurontin through most of the therapy because I had what seemed to be RSD flare-ups. I have weaned myself off of that the past several weeks with no problems. Hopefully I am RSd -free and almost fully recovered from the FS. It has been a long 15 months and I come back to this board on occasion just to read the postings. This board and all of :wave: you "regulars" (you know who you are) were such an encouragement to me through many sleepless and stressful nights. For those of you who remember me, Tootles is alive and doing well! Cheryl