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Hi Sherri, Thanks so much for the response. It helped alot! It's amazing how familiar your symptoms sound. I also took similar meds and now that I take celebrex, flexoril and tyl 3, the combo helps and I do take it only when I REALLY need it. But I dont want to do that forever. I must make another appointment with my pain management dr because I am almost out of meds. I already decided that I dont want the injection. They told me that they could try it once, and that it Wont actually change anything, so I dont see the point. Funny you mentioned lumbar problems also. I too have HRN disc in my L4/5 L5 S/1, which I have had for years. I have never had any major surgery which is one reason for my fear, but I am now reconsidering what to do. Maybe it will be better to just get it over with. I will put some serious thought into if and when. Thanks so much for your insight. I hope your appointment goes well with your one year check. Let me know how you made out. Thanks again Babs

PS There are no spelling errors, only TYPOS! lol