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My 14 year old sister injured her ankle about a year ago, which seemed to be a simple ankle sprain. Well many months after it should have been healed, it wasn’t. We took her to so many doctors and one A-hole put her in a cast which probably screwed her up even more. it wasn’t till the 5th or so Dr. that she was properly diagnosed.

Right now she has to walk around with one crutch. She is being home schooled and pretty much has no social life. This is all due to RSD. This is a horrible thing an I am soo sorry for all of you here who have to suffer from this.

Right now she is on Neurontin (don't know the milligrams), celebrex, some sleeping pills, and a bunch of other meds. She also goes to Physical Therapy and gets the sympathetic nerve block shots in her back. Is there a chance that she will actually recover from this and regain her life back? She is too young for this. (Actaully, no one of any age really deserves it.) I want a straight up answer. What are the odds that she will be able to walk without a crutch? That she will have a full recovery? I just need the truth...