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Hey all. This is my first time posting. Been a viewer for a few months, but now that I have my own health problem, I think it's time to post. Anyway, I'm Chris. I'm 18 years old and for the last few years I've had back pain. It's worsened over the years and about 6 months ago I went to a doctor. He had me get a cat scan and an MRI, and after that, I saw an orthopedic. He said I have 3 degenerated discs. I believe they are L3-5 but I'm not positive off hand. Being an active 18 year old, having back pain really stinks! He has had me on Celebrex for the last month or two, but it does nothing for my pain! :yawn: My father recently called the doctor and told him that I am still having pain while taking the Celebrex. He told me to take the Celebrex another 12 days, (why? I don't know) Anywho, yesterday was the 12th day and still no relief. My father called the doctor this morning and it turns out that the doctor finally called in another prescription that I will be picking up shortly. One question is this.... Do deg. discs usually not cause much pain? I ask this because when my father called 2 weeks ago and they gave me Celebrex AGAIN, I got the feeling that the doctor thought maybe I was faking or exaggerating the pain some. Who knows, maybe he thinks I'm just some junkie looking for pain killers? I really don't understand. The MRI shows my condition. One thought that went through my head was that maybe a condition like this only rarely causes much pain and that he insisted all I need was Celebrex. Anyway, if anyone has any valuable information or advice regarding this matter, I would greatly appreciate it. I'm off to the pharmacy to pick up my new medicine. Hopefully, it will work wonders. :)

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Celebrex is an anti-imflamatory to reduce swelling that causes pain but often times you need to take pain medication in addition to it. Celebrex does need to build up in the system and be maintained for it to properly work. It is oftentimes a standard proceedure I've found with degenerating bones in general for doctors to prescribe such medication. Sometimes it works great, othertimes you need a bit more help.

As to the other question, yes, degenerating disks do hurt and they can hurt ALOT especially if for some reason you now have a nerve pinched or the spinal cord is being touched.

Personally, if I were you, and you don't feel this dr. is helping you much ask your parents if you could see someone new for another opinion. If you are seeing a orthopeadic surgeron for your back it would make sense that they are not willing to prescribe pain medications, they have this great fear of getting in trouble with the medical board among other things and don't wan't to be responsible for any addictions that may occur but are oftentimes quick to want to operate. Your best bet if you don't need surgery (lets hope you don't) and you are in alot of pain is to see a pain management specialist to get the help you need.
The same 3 disks in my lumbar are degenerated as well so I can appreciate what you are going through!

Good luck to you
First off, thanks for taking time to respond to me. I'm pretty new to these message boards on the internet, and so far they've been really cool. :cool: As for the pinched nerve, would something like that show up in the MRI? If so, then I must not have it because I assume he would have mentioned it when I saw him. Throughout my life, I've noticed that I can deal with pain pretty good. However, the pain in my back is just unbearable. It's not too the point where I cannot live my life, but some days are just terrible. I remember at one of the visits, the doctor asked me if the pain has interfered with my everyday life and I told him no. I, then, told him that just because I can still live my everyday life, doesn't mean I don't get horrid pain. :yawn: I feel pain everyday, but some days are a TON worse than others. The last few months, it seems that there's always more bad days then alright days. Regarding the surgery, I pray to god that I would never have to go under the knife for this condition, or any other! I just remembered that this was the second doctor I went to. If I remember correctly, the first one just x-rayed me and said there's not too much wrong. If I ask my parents to switch doctors, it will be the third doctor I've seen. I guess I will have to stress to them that I am an adult now and that I want their support if I want to go to a pain management specialist. Since this injury can't really be resolved, I would think I should have seen one already. If it can't be fixed, it should be managed. :) Thanks for your time, and I will be talking to my parents about this in the next day or two.

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P.S. I just got back from the pharmacy and the new med that he prescribed is Mobic 15mg. I read that these are just NSAID's like the Celebrex. Even if I talk to my parents, they will probably tell me to at least use up my 30 day bottle that I just got and to see how I feel after that. Looks like I'll have to wait at least another month before I can get more relief. ;( Oh well, thanks again for your help.

One more thing. The doctor I see right now is in orthopedist, and I'm assuming an orthopedic surgeon because the name of his office is Shore Shoulder Surgery. And the whole shoulder thing doesn't sound like the right doctor if I have a back problem. lol