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Thank you so very much everyone that responded!!!! I went to another board first and nobody replied at all!!! My husband says our insurance will be in affect within 3 weeks!!! I dont want to have surgery either.It is definetely a LAST RESORT. I went to a doctor about a month ago when i had insurance and he sent me for an xray and prescribed celebrex for arthritis..He gave me 9 pills i took them and they didnt seem to do anything so i didnt call for more...I really didnt like his attitude anyway..I had a hysterectomy last sept and since then also went into a severe depression!!! I am on hormones ,antidepressant and an antidepressant called trazadone to help me sleep..I also take vitamins which include 2 calcium pills a day..I really didnt want to add more meds at this point.. ...At least now i can go to the doc armed with some info...I hope 3 weeks isnt too long to wait.Once it goes into affect i will have to wait for an appt as well...I am not sure if this has any significance but ihave also noticed a small lump in the left side of my neck and it hurts when i turn my head in either direction..I noticed the lump around the same time this all started..Thanks again you guys have been very helpfull and greatly appreciated!!! :angel:
Hi there sublime,

I have read your post and I have disc problems AND ulnar nerve problems. I have a ruptured disc in C4-5 and C5-6 is bulging. I haven't had surgery yet although I have had surgery on my ulnar nerve and carpal tunnel surgery and worker's comp was responsible for all my problems because I had worked 10 years doing the same repetitive job. Well they didn't want to take responsibility of it. I had 3 doctors saying these were work related and yet it took them almost 1 year to admit fault. During this time, I kept on doing repetitive work. (not good!!) So it got worse! My ulnar nerve is permanantly damaged now and I am no longer able to do any repetitive work whatsoever. I am on "permanant light duty". Now do you think that if I were to lose my job that anyone would hire me on those grounds? The answer is NO! I recommend that you wait no longer on your problems. Get help whenever possible!! I am only 34 years old but at the time of my incident I was 29. The company I work for has moved me into the office doing clerical work and they told me that whenever my arm or neck flares up just take a break and rest a while. Now they are treating me ok. See what all I had to go thru? I think W/C stinks!!! Here I am, permanantly hurt and do you think they care? If you worked for some company while you painted, please consider getting W/C to pay for it! You have a statue of limitations on this. If you have any questions, just ask and I'll try to help you! Good luck!! I still have to go to a pain specialist about my neck and arm cause it still hurts and goes numb and he has me on Neurontin, Zoloft, Flexeril, Oxycontin, Celebrex and Nexium. It is a very good combination of meds. They have really helped me in all my pain!!