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I just signed up. I had my first fusion in 1992 (C5-C6) with a bone from my hip. I gained back most of my strength, except I encountered some atrophe in my right pectoral muscle and on the right side of my neck. I managed to deal with some on-going pain without medication.

My second surgery was in 2000 on C4-C5 with a cadavar bone and a titanium plate. I have much more atrophe on my right side now. My trapisius muscle, triceps, and about two to three ofther muscles on my right side are noticeably atrophied.

I have constant pain, headaches at the base of my skull, numbing pain down my arm into my hand when I overdo things at work. I cannot sit on hard surfaces. I cannot sit without back support, and I cannot sit very long at all without pain. The weather changes contribute to my pain, as does lack of sleep or a long day.

I have tried Neurontin with no effect; Celebrex with no effect and ulsers. I cannot tolerate the epiderals due to the narrowing of the nerve canal. I have been on oxycontin, oxycodone, and percocet, for pain. I quit taking all the pain meds because I don't want to end up becoming an addict. Main tolerance to the medication kept increasing, putting me right back where I was before. I sometimes take sonata to get to sleep because I know that rest is the key. I currently take Affexor, but that is it.

I have seen all the specialists and doctors. And they have all invoiced me for their input, but they've done nothing for my post-surgery pain problems.

I now want to go outside the box and find something my doctors haven't considered.

Sick and tired of being sick and tired
Help me please. Any ideas?
Best option is to see a pain management specialist and drop by the pain management forum for a better understanding of what a real PM does..
Just a quick bit of information...
People with true and chronic pain rarely if every become addicted to pain medications, studies have proven this time and time again, what happens is your body has a tolerance level, as time passes tolerance increases requiring more or different medications. There's nothing wrong with being on medications if you really truly need them.
If Celebrex caused problems then try Bextra with Prevacid or something similiar to protect the stomache, as well as you probably should be on some sort of pain medication.
As for Effexor, it is an anti-depressant, it wont' do a whole lot for your pain as you know.
You have the right to have some sort of a quality of life, don't be in fear of addiction, again, it rarely to never happens.. do a bit of homework and you'll see.

Good luck to you.