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hi all..not sure where to post this as i seem pretty stupid. i have had some back pain for 14 yrs. (i'm 45). just had a CT scan and x-ray (which is the best i could get, as i live in Canada). results showed severe degenerative disc disease, along with 2 bulging discs which and i quote here "may be indicative of nerve impingement(sp)? what the heck does that mean??? yes my back hurts..went 14 yrs. with it going out on me about 3 times a yr. flat on my back for 3 to 5 days with slow improvement after 1 week. now it hurts all the time and the pain radiates down my legs to my ankle. feels like a toothache that won't quit. left the dr.s office with celebrex and tylenol-3's for the worst of the pain. dr. said it won't improve at this point. was too stunned at that point to ask questions. now i'm pretty curious as to what to expect. should i contact my dr. to ask exactly what does this mean? i know my lower 2 discs are basically gone. but i'm not sure about the bulging ones. and nerve pain? what can be done for that? sorry for sounding so stupid, but you guys sound so much more knowledgeable than my doc. where do i go from here?

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thanks so much shore...i was very happy when you responded to me as i have read many of your posts and you are so very well informed about all of this. as well, you gave me HOPE. my plain ol' everyday stiffness and throbbing increased about 3 months ago. it has been pretty bad since then, but last week it was better. (a little) your telling me that bulging can heal is what i needed to hear. i'm absolutely terrified of surgery of any kind. i will ask to see the radiology report first hand to get more exact info, although the doc didn't seem to want to even consider surgery at this time. good. i'm going to give the celebrex a shot for awhile and see if things improve. even a little improvement would be encouraging. barring that, i will explore some of the non-opiate meds and give that back brace a try. again..thank you...i will be back when i can get ahold of more specific info....