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i have never gotten any refief from vioxx or celebrex i been the the gamut with all types of meds including vicodin which helped a little at first but after a couple of months it all of a sudden stopped working i am curenntly taking oxycodone hcl 15 mgs every 6 hrs and 5 mgs percocet as needed for brakthru pain and ths has been working good for me for the last year i also have c 5 6 7 disc disease with nerve impingment in c 67
hope this helps
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I have been on Celebrex for four years for degenerative joint disease, andosteoarthritis and have had great results with it. I had Anterior and Posterior Cervical Discectomies with fusion from C3 to C7 three weeks ago and although it was long and complicated surgery I am doing pretty well, just have to be patient with the recovery. Every day is a bit better than the day before. I had to go off the Celebrex and all aspirin-containing meds for a month before surgery and am still off of it until
next office visit. My NS says Celebrex and Vioxx delays the healing process. I am on Percocet and Flexeril at pretty high doses and they have helped the discomfort, but I had to cut back on both as they are rough on the digestive tract and I haven't felt like eating much except liquids and semi-liquids. Hope you get better soon.
Hi, I guess i will give my opinion on the meds as well seeing i have been on a few. Also as far as calling the doc and not wanting to ask for more.....well i have been there too, however if you are in alot of pain you have to do it, it's not worth suffering. I have found that Bextra works quite well. It is basically along the same lines as the vioxx and celebrex but a newer drug and the usual dosage is a 20mg pill taken once dailey. The vioxx and celebrex did not work for me but the bextra does. Also for your pain, i am on a duragesic patch (Fentanyl) that you put on your chest and change every third day. Works great! Also Percocet for the break through pain. Talk to your doc about managing your pain, its worth a try. If you dont want to try the patch and the vicodin isnt working to well, ask for the Percocet. It will probably give you some relief. Good luck and i hope you get some meds that help you!