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Hey there,

I can relate to the muscle spasms being 5 1/2 months approx post op from acdf c5-6 with plate and own bone. Try for muscle spasm TORODAL. I cannot tolerate ibuprofen (as I swell up) and celebrex though it worked it bothered me too. The only thing about Torodal is the bubbly tummy but if you make sure to eat prior to taking it is the best one out there for people who cannot tolerate meds like me. I have Percocet and Ty 3 as well but Perc makes me NOT sleep and major loose bowel and Ty3 is great as long as you take Sennikot natural laxative two in the a.m. and or p.m. or both.

I feel your pain as I am also recovering two weeks post op from microdiskectomy on l5-s1 and it feels like a backwards c-section. Honestly my neck was braced but any movement of your body triggers pain in your lower back incision so what I thought would be a piece of cake surgery has in fact been a lot more than i bargained for - mind your lumbar fusion would have taken the cake.

Bless you sweetie, may you find solace in everyone's input...I could not have done without this board's input... i have incredible spouse who I adore but let's face it (like me) I wouldn't want to hear all the details of his perpetual pain and complaints and so this forum is the best area to vent or debrief ..SO USE IT.

Nearly new again... Nero